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Zella Information works closely with Corporate, MNCs, and Government Organizations, to help and mitigate human capital risks. We are behind the entire range of background verification services that could keep your workplace free from faulty choices. Our professional background verification services caters to both national and international scope.

Most importantly, we have already served leading schools, manufacturing, corporate, BPO, and plenty of other sectors. We are a top-notch employee background verification agency expanding our service horizon with the best services in broader industries.

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Address Verification

Zella ensures to meet the mandatory compliance when it comes to pursuing the address verification of the customer. We are dedicated to giving a visit to a person’s actual residence to verify the expected behavior. Our background check process of address verification can ensure results with reliable proof of residence and neighbor checks.

Education Verification

With our huge collaborations, we are the perfect shot at getting the education verification of any candidate. Our team will process the Student records department of educational organizations to complete the verification. When it comes to education verification, hire fast & affordable education verification screenings.

Employment Verification

We make the employment verification seamless by verifying the said claims with the previous organization's HR. Our verification process includes everything from designation, tenure, behavior, salary, any wrong point, etc. Employee Verification validates candidates working tenure, role and salary mentioned.
About The Company

We Understand Your Need Like No Other

Zella Information Pvt. Ltd. is much more than an average background verification company. We focus on profound accuracy and do not compromise at any cost. Our entire team is dedicated to getting along with the client and delivering the expected verification service, complying solely with the requirement. We deliver the reports in the said timeline along with maintaining our core strength points like credibility, trust, and reliability.

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Mr. Shailender Kumar Jain
Founder & MD – Amar Bharti
Mr. S K Peshin
Ex-CBI, SSP, Retired
Ms. Aarti Chadha Kumar
Co-Founder & Director
Ms. Geeta Chauhan
Co-Founder & Director

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    We bring accurate information to your desk from any nook and corner of the world. Irrespective of the verification requirement or geographical boundaries, we are the ones to deliver the correct details in no time.

    We make the screening process completely facile for both the company and the assets. Expect ease, advancement, and credibility with our background verification process.

    The most valuable asset of your company needs to feel comfortable while you run a screening test on them. Give them the ease of accessibility, simple technology, and credible partners to be willing to go through the background verification and screening process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A background screening company is a third-party organization that provides services to employers and individuals by conducting comprehensive checks on potential employees, tenants, or partners. These checks typically include criminal record searches, employment history verification, credit checks, and education verification.

    Employers use background screening companies to ensure that potential employees are qualified, trustworthy, and reliable. Background checks can help prevent potential legal issues and protect the company's reputation. They are also used to comply with regulatory requirements.

    Background screening companies use a variety of methods to conduct checks, including accessing public records, conducting interviews with references, and verifying information provided by the applicant. They may also use specialized databases and software to gather and analyze information.

    The time required to conduct a background check can vary depending on the depth and complexity of the check. Typically, a basic background check can be completed within a few days, while more extensive checks may take several weeks.

    Yes, it is legal for employers to conduct background checks as long as they comply with applicable laws and regulations. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets guidelines for employers conducting background checks, including obtaining written consent from the applicant.

    The cost of a background check can vary depending on the level of detail and the type of check required. Basic checks may cost a few thousand rupees, while more extensive checks can cost several thousand rupees.

    Employers receive a report that outlines the results of the background check, including any criminal records, employment history, credit history, and education verification. The report may also include additional information, such as references and professional licenses.