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Ensure A Healthy Workplace With Mandatory Drug Testing Sessions

As a standard part of the application process for any employment, most companies need potential candidates to submit a Drug Testing before finalizing the job offer. The job offer is conditional upon the candidate passing the test with a clean result when a drug screening for employment is necessary.

Drug testing speeds up onboarding and is a helpful technique for HR oversight. Employment drug testing is an effective risk management technique that creates a safer, more effective work environment, helps in lowering absenteeism and employee turnover, lessens employer risk, and lowers workers’ compensation incidence rates by lowering the chances of accidents and injuries.

Zella Information will help you out in conducting a pre-employment Screening for your business recruitment!

Importance of Taking Drug Testing Services

Drug screening for employment helps companies in reducing risks because it is risky and wasteful to hire a drug addict. One irresponsible worker can ruin a company through tardiness, workers’ insurance claims, and future legal repercussions.

You spent a lot of time and effort into growing your company, yet one workplace drug-related incident could cause you to lose everything. You can prevent such an incident from happening by having a formal written policy requiring a pre employment drug test for all applicants.

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At Zella Information, we provide drug testing services to help employers choose the ideal candidates for their organization. Our Drug Testing report shows-

  • Direct observation of drug usage or drug use symptoms (slurred speech, clumsy movement, etc.)
  • Evidence that an employee is using drugs or alcohol while at work 
  • A credible source’s report that an employee is using drugs
  • Evidence that an employee interfered with the results of their drug test
  • Significant decline in performance at work
  • Frequent accidents at work or injuries

Any organization’s most precious asset is its workforce, and maintaining their health and safety is a top priority. Alcohol or drug abusers pose a risk to both themselves and their workplace. With a thorough policy and a reliable employment drug testing partner like Zella Information, take the required precautions to prevent the negative effects of the drug, controlled substance, and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

  • Benefits of drug screening for employment

For new hires, several companies are instituting pre-employment drug testing. You have a higher chance of maintaining a secure workplace free from crime and catastrophic accidents if you can detect drug users. If you’re considering conducting employment drug testing on prospective hiring or drug tests on current employees, take into account these advantages.

employment drug testing services india
  • Safeguarding Against Compensation Claims and Lawsuits

If a drug-related accident happens at your workplace, you could be held accountable for not maintaining a safe working environment. You can spot candidates who pose a risk to their own safety as well as the safety of others by demanding a pre employment drug test. In this way, you can shield your company from costly lawsuits. While you might be concerned that firing an employee who fails a Drug Testing could result in legal action for wrongful termination, you should know that the test shows that the termination was appropriate. You will avoid a pricey lawsuit as a result.

  • Lower Employee Turnover

Many drug users are dismissed or quit their jobs because they are frequently unable to complete their tasks at work. Your company should spend money to hire new employees to take their place. You can minimize your turnover rate by hiring trustworthy staff by requiring a pre employment drug test of applicants.

  • Enhance Your Community’s Prestige

Your company practically sends out a message that it cares when you discourage drug use in the office culture. You will find fewer candidates who test positive for various drugs after conducting drug testing for employment. Drug abusers are much less likely to consider applying if they know your company does applicant drug testing.

  • Safer Workplace

It is obvious that a drug-free workplace is a safer one. This is true for traditional firms as well as those involved in building, transportation, and other related industries. Drugged-out employees pose a risk to the general public, their coworkers, and themselves. Injury and even death can result from carelessness, and so do errors in judgement, and poor decisions. The risk of an accident at work increases if a person operates heavy machinery or sharp instruments while under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs.

Execute Drug Testing Policy At Your Firm With Zella Information

Professionals who refrain from drug usage desire to work in a drug-free environment. A drug-free workplace further shows that you care about the health and safety of all of your employees, clients, and the general public.

A drug testing policy helps employers identify whether employees involved in a workplace accident were under the effects of drugs or alcohol in addition to discouraging active drug consumption.

When there are positive working relationships, management and staff collaborate to accomplish common objectives. One of the finest ways to foster such relationships is a drug-free workplace.

employment drug testing services Delhi by Zella

The most common sort of drug screening sample is a urine test. The saliva test, blood sample, and hair test are the other pre-employment drug test options.

Performing a drug and/or alcohol screening while being randomly chosen is known as a random drug test. Tests can be administered to employees at any time without prior notification.

Pre-hire drug testing is required for people working in the government transportation or law enforcement sectors, but it offers advantages even for those who manage unrelated companies.

 Every employer wants to provide a safe and productive work environment for their employees. Workplaces can easily turn dangerous when employees are under the influence of illegal drugs. Even if they don't act aggressively, they might lower morale and productivity by breaking the law or frequently missing work due to illness.