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Make Your Recruiting Process More Steadfast With a Comprehensive Identity Check!

The process of hiring a new employee into your company requires a certain amount of time, money, and labor-intensive procedures. A poor hire could expose your company to risks of workplace misconduct or criminal activity, compromising its reputation and safety. A Pre-employment Identity Check should therefore receive special attention from employers to ensure that your hiring won’t turn out to be a risk for your company.

Any firm is strengthened by its workforce, which also helps the business accomplish profitability, expansion, and growth. If you choose to onboard incompatible job prospects, your organization’s performance will suffer as a result. The HR staff can assess the integrity of the candidate’s biographical details with the help of identity verification companies like Zella Information. You can now access all necessary data to perform a successful background check with Zella Information’s identity check services.

Importance of Identity Check For Employment

Identity theft is a subject that concerns people seriously in our modern world. The Internet has a large amount of sensitive and personal data that online scammers and hackers can access. Identity theft typically involves actions like unauthorized access to personal information, falsified documents, account hacking, and so forth.

This may have severe effects on the victims, resulting in the loss of stable employment. New procedures and approaches, such as Identity Check, are being implemented to address the increasing issue of identity theft. Our online identity verification examines the accuracy of personal information such as name, birthdate, address, and other particulars.

False information on resumes has grown more common than ever in this period of severe employment shortage. The most widespread behaviors include exaggerating one’s qualifications for a job, career history, educational background check, and criminal record check, among many others.

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All of this information about your prospective employee can be verified by identity check services, reducing the risk of any hiring error. Employers are accountable for safeguarding the safety of all parties involved in their businesses, including employees, partners, and clients. An Identity Check serves as a preventative tool to protect your business and its partners.

With the help of Zella Information’s precise and quick online identity verification services, you can create a secure and healthy work environment that will not only boost your company’s productivity but also help you keep hold of your important employees.

  • What’s included in Zella Information's Identity Check report?

Today, a large number of companies have overseas branches or employ people from the global talent pool. When hiring new employees, these firms must ensure legal compliance with the civil authorities of many nations. The time and resources of a company can be severely taxed throughout this procedure. You can learn quickly about your candidate’s legal rights as an employee in particular countries by conducting an Identity Check on each of your applications.

A Zella Information identity check will help you confirm that the information provided by your applicant matches the data in the regional, global, and national databases. These primary facts include:

  • Verification of names
  • Verification of addresses
  • Verification of SSN
  • Validation of birth date
Employee Identity Check Services In India

In addition to confirming the person’s identity, you should dig into the person’s background by reviewing their academic background, criminal history, and employment verification of prior positions to get a whole picture. PAN cards, voter identification cards, and passports can all be used for online identity verification.

Additionally, reports for safety include:

  • If fraud involving the SSN has been reported
  • If a death benefits claim has used the SSN,
  • If there are any initial fraud warnings,
  • if active duty alerts are logged

Background checks are a crucial measure for assuring employment competency in a variety of incense-based professions, including those of physicians, surgeons, attorneys, counselors, and therapists. To prevent any future risks, companies can verify the legitimacy and permission of the licenses of their candidates through identity verification companies like Zella Information.

  • Streamlines Virtual Hiring

Employers, hiring managers, and HR professionals have been pushed to adopt virtual hiring practices as a result of the latest worldwide pandemic. There are many advantages to virtual hiring, including streamlined and speedy hiring processes and no geographical restrictions. However, it also makes the company more susceptible to fake applications. A Background Identity Check is now even more crucial in the current environment to increase your trust in new hires and safeguard both your clients and your business.

  • Get A Reliable ID Report

The identity check services provided by Zella Information are thorough. It’s simple to waste time on long verification procedures. However, it has never been simpler to do an ID Report as part of our employee background check. You will have all the accurate background data you require to hire with confidence in a matter of minutes.

  • Look For Criminal History

We can identify unfortunate cases in which background verification failed to detect criminal activity because a person’s birth date was changed, a relatively minor change. Additionally, hiring is a time-sensitive undertaking. If candidate data is incomplete or inaccurate, delays can occur or a background check may need to be repeated—that is if it is even discovered with Identity Check.

Employee Identity Check Services in Delhi

Work With Zella For Robust Identity Check

Risk mitigation must be addressed when you expand your staff base. An identity Check is a critical element of effective and promising hiring procedures. At Zella Information can provide proactive products and services to meet current and upcoming verification needs. Get hold of trustworthy tools and engage in outreach!

When identity verification tools cross-verify candidate identity information against reliable sources – such as government-issued IDs, telecom records or credit bureaus – you can rest worry-free that the applicant data used in the screening process is trustworthy.

You can create a streamlined workflow from beginning to end by verifying identity at the start and using this verified identity information in other hiring processes. Simply put, improved data leads to less hiring friction and more productivity.

Employers can use the effective tool of identity verification to confirm that job applicants and employees are, in fact, who they say they are and that fraudulent information was not utilized in the hiring and onboarding processes.