Address Verification
A physical visit would be made at the address of the candidate to determine whether the candidate has lived at the given address or not. Also if required we would check from an address proof to confirm his residence. Neighbour checks are done as a part of the mandatory.
Education Verification
Education Verification will be conducted through direct contact with the student’s records department of the relevant educational institutions. Education verification may be conducted through the relevant university or the college attended.

Employment Verification
It involves checking the veracity of the candidates’ claims about previous employment records with the HR. The checks are conducted telephonically and/or by mail. The HR verification typically includes questions about the tenure, designation, salary, any issue etc.
Physical Site Visit
Site visit is the process by which authenticity of previous employment addresses and hence the company itself is established by verification representatives by directly visiting and obtaining verifications from individuals such as the Company Owners or the HR personnel at the specific employment address.
Court Record Search
Candidate’s criminal history by searching criminal and civil court records. Our legal matter experts conduct this check, which is initiated from the lowest rung to the Magistrate, Session, Civil and High Court for court judgments, criminal investigation & database covering terrorists.

Criminal Check through the local police station
Verify the candidate’s criminal history in the jurisdiction where the candidate currently resides/has resided. We bring in light any criminal track or record with the candidate upon going through thorough local police verification with honesty, if there is any worthy to be noticed.
Professional Reference
Reference checks are done from the contacts provided by the candidate. In case the candidate has given professional references and only the company name and organizational contact numbers are given then we get in touch with the relevant person and get the required details.

Drug Testing
Drug Screening is one of the aspects covered under Employment background checks. Companies have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe working environment. Conducting drug screening is important to ensure that the company is taking necessary precautions to protect its employees.

Identity Check
Identity Check involves confirming an applicant’s true identity using commonly-used Identity documents like PAN Card, Drivers License and Passport. Please note the verification sources for the specific Identity documents mentioned earlier only verifies the authenticity of the document and not the photo on the document.