Address Verification

Zella ensures to meet the mandatory compliance when it comes to pursuing the address verification of the customer. We are dedicated to giving a visit to a person’s actual residence to verify the expected behavior. Our process of address verification can ensure results with reliable proof of residence and neighbor checks.

Education Verification

With our huge network and collaborations, we are the perfect shot at getting the education verification of any candidate. Our team will process the Student records department of educational organizations to complete the verification.

Employment Verification

We make the employment verification seamless by verifying the said claims with the previous organization's HR. Our verification process includes everything from designation, tenure, behavior, salary, any wrong point, etc.

Physical Site Visit

We follow the dedicated site visit process to ensure the authenticity of the employment addresses. Not just as a service, but we follow the physical visits and verification for our staff too. At Zella Information Pvt. Ltd, we get the address proof through personal visits to company owners and HR personnel.

Court Record Search

We possess expertise in finding the criminal or civil court history records for an individual. We have a team of legal experts to initiate and complete verification from criminal investigations, terrorist databases, and court cases.

Criminal Check through the local police station

Choose us to verify the candidate’s criminal history in the jurisdiction through local police station networks. We can highlight any related criminal activity or record through an honest police verification process.

Professional Reference

We do the reference verification from the available contacts by the candidate. If the candidate has already shared some references or just the person or company name, we do extensive verification to extract the required details.

Drug Testing

Drug Screening is one such background check that ensures the employer knows about the candidate. We help the firms to maintain their moral as well as legal obligations in matters. Our drug test screening process is a relief for the corporate to implement precautionary measures.

Identity Check

Identity Check by Zella involves ensuring that the applicant has shared all true information about him. We can verify the PAN Card, Drivers License, and Passport to authenticate the person’s identity and make sure that the details are apt up to the legal and professional commitment.

Global Database

Global Database Check help to identify whether the candidate's name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles which includes Sanctions List, Criminal databases, Civil litigation databases, Credit & Reputational databases, OFAC, Compliance and Media Searches.

Credit Check (CIBIL)

Credit Check is conducted to understand and get information about the candidate’s credit activity and current credit situation, repaying loan history and the status of his/her overall credit score.