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Police station background checks are one of the most significant steps that should never be missed in background checks. It is an essential step in many firms’ hiring processes. Any company must take steps to provide a safe and secure work environment for all of its employees. One of the best ways to do this is by thoroughly checking a person’s criminal history and court records search.

In order to meet the demand for employee verification, Zella Information collaborates closely with governmental parties to conduct a Criminal Check through the local police station. We also conduct background checks as your private investigator to handle the effortless fact-finding and verification. We support employers in making wise choices based on numerous verification criteria including a police station record check.

Importance of police station criminal record check

A criminal Check through the local police station is important as local police records are updated and may contain findings of violations for recent time frames. Any employer can verify if a civil or criminal court case has been launched against a candidate and/or confirm that the candidate has provided correct info about themselves through a consolidated police station background verification and court records check. This will guarantee that no applicant is hired who poses a risk to the company’s integrity or safety.

Verifying the candidate’s criminal background ensures that you are well informed about it. It is important for shielding your clients, staff, and suppliers from potential liabilities. The following checks are included in a local police station background check:

  • Criminal Activity Monitoring
  • Sex Offenders’ Database
  • Checks of Court Records
  • Watchlists domestic and international

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At Zella Information, the candidate’s address verification is used to call the closest police station. Our law firm’s partner will conduct a comprehensive investigation and generate a final report with comments from the relevant authorities. Authorities will meet with the candidates in person to conduct on-the-ground investigations. A police clearance certificate is prepared after a police station record check and includes specifics on any active criminal accusations.

  • Benefits of a local police station background check for companies

A Criminal Check through the local police station is a critical part of the hiring process for many organizations, particularly for roles working with minors or vulnerable groups, having access to confidential client and business information, or involving cash or expensive inventory.

Recruiters can uncover more about the criminal history of an employee through a police station background check, including any convictions, guilt judgments, charges that were dropped, personal information, and more. police station criminal record check is done in the area where the person resides, according to the police jurisdiction.

Criminal Record Check Services India - zella

At Zella Information, we assist both HRs and companies in gathering online background verification securely and affordably. The benefits of hiring Zella Information for a police station record check are-

  • We make it quick

police station criminal record check requires more time to process, perhaps even several days. However, Zella’s police checks have the fastest turnaround rates in the industry. The speedy response to results is extremely helpful if a firm is having immediate requirements to fill their vacant roles with new employees. 

  • We keep it hassle-free and convenient for the employers

You would need to make multiple trips to the police station if you asked for a  local police station background check there. It isn’t always convenient to make the several journeys required, depending on your schedule and the time of day. You don’t even have to leave your home when you hire Zella investigators. We complete the task on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

  • Our Reports are Reliable and Secure

To give you the actual findings, our police station record check uses precise data collected from the local authorities. In order to ensure that your information is used appropriately and maintained securely, we also comply with all privacy regulations.

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We have the knowledge and skills necessary to help national and multinational companies increase their hiring procedures. Our experts assist in lowering human capital risks and preventing poor decisions from being made in the workplace.

Our broad range of technologically advanced employment screening services can guarantee background checks, Criminal Checks through the local police station, and credibility records. Count on us to provide accurate verification quickly so you can increase client satisfaction.


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Zella Information has access to technologies that make it simpler to complete the process. You can be confident in the result of a police station background because efficiency is boosted through cutting-edge technology. 

To make our police station criminal record check and court records check processes as efficient as possible, we have gathered and meticulously indexed millions of lawsuit records in India. 

Additionally, to ensure that the final report is error-free and simple for our clients to understand, our skilled team of experienced analysts thoroughly evaluates each and every result in case of any false matches. Make an appointment with one of our specialists now to learn more.

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in India verifies a person's residence address and the fact that, according to local police records, they were not involved in any criminal activity. After the candidates' police clearance has been verified, they are given a PCC.

If the applicant claims to reside at the address given during the application procedure, the local police will confirm this. This address could be either temporary or permanent. The police station's criminal history check also looks through its records for any prior arrests linked with the candidate's name. The police issue candidates with a Police Clearance Certificate if they discover a valid address and no prior criminal convictions against them.

Organizations can find out if an applicant has any negative criminal records with police verification. It is the responsibility of the local police department where the candidate lives. Typically, police verification is used to confirm a candidate's background by passport/visa issuing agencies and recruiting firms (as part of their employee BGV procedure).