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Advantage of Address Verification Services for Businesses!

Do you have an eCommerce business or any other business? Address verification is mandatory to understand individuals’ character and identity verification. In today’s world with job opportunities come responsibilities to hire the best talents as well as the right talent. Every business faces issues while hiring candidates for the organization, but these issues should not cost you crucial information about your business. That’s why you need Address and Education verification services for your potential employees. A simple face-to-face interview cannot reveal the true character and identity of the person. It’s essential for you to know who you are hiring. Why fear when Zella is here?

We at Zella offer accurate, and transparent information on Address verification in India. Doesn’t matter where your candidate lives across India, we are here to provide you with the best solutions. Our Address verification process is designed to collect close-knit information about an individual to verify the identity the individual. 

What Makes Zella's Address Verification the Best?

Although there are many reasons that make us unique, here you will find some of the best:

  • Get the Right Information

We at Zella have agents that will knock at each door in the neighborhood to check the identity of your candidate. We will extract the accurate and right information by consulting the neighbors and people living in the same neighborhood. 

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Zella Information is one of the leading Background verification and screening company in India.
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  • On-ground High Standard Inspection

Our experts will make sure the information provided is reliable by performing on-ground inspections. We will send our experienced team to the address provided by your candidate to cross-examine the information. Our team will do their due diligence, and collect accurate or any suspicious information provided by the neighbors. 

  • Faster and Reliable

Our services are fast and reliable, our team gets into action immediately after you provide us with your candidate details. We will collect information from a digital database and a variety of on-ground information within days. You will get fast results with quality information on your candidates without any delay. 

Address verification services in Delhi
  • Strong Network Across the Nation

We have a team of experts verifying information across the nation. We and our team have a strong network with connections across all parts of the country. We can offer you accurate address verification in India through reliable and strong connections. From North to South and East to West, we can offer you address verification in any part of India without hassle and with fast results. 

  • Experienced & Trained Team

Don’t worry about the reliability of our information, whether it’s an in-house or on-ground team, our experts have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to provide you with the right and accurate information without any biases. We verify our employees before hiring and all the rules & regulations are followed strictly about handling client information. We ensure a high standard and high-quality services for our clients. 

  • Trusted

We are one of the trusted address verification service providers offering affordable yet quality information. We ensure our clients get the right information while maintaining confidentiality. Our services are best for any business looking to verify their employment candidates.

Why Does Your Business Need Address Verification in India?

Millions of identities are stolen every day on a digital and physical basis, considering the risk, you never know if your candidate has stolen the identity or they are offering true information. Address verification is highly valuable and becoming increasingly important for businesses in the background screening process. The rising issue of dual identities, undelivered documents, living under someone else’s home, and more. You wouldn’t want to get involved in any illegal issue with your employee; in times of social media,  it will directly impact your brand reputation.  Check address verification in India for your candidate’s security and provide an added level of security: 

  • If you are hiring candidates for remote positions 
  • Contracts in a gig company 
  • Adding freelancers to your existing workforce 
  • eCommerce employees 
  • eCommerce in financial positions of your company
  • Helping HR to take better decisions for your organization
Address Verification Company India

Get in Touch With Zella for Leveraging Address Verification Services

With our  address verification process, you  will get a comprehensive report on the candidate’s address information which would include 

  • Address verification 
  • Identify verification including name, and other information. 
  • Any suspicious information on the candidate

How Does Zella Verify an Address?

As soon as we get your candidate information, our in-house team gets activated to get in touch with the on-ground team. We verify information through digital data and our on-ground experts will conduct background checks with neighbors and in the neighborhood. We understand how crucial a single piece of information can be, so if our team found any suspicious information from the neighborhood we will not believe in one source until we Verify with other people living in the same neighborhood. Our team will ensure you get the right and accurate information on your candidate to help your HR take the right decisions.

By validating the address, companies can make sure the candidate is clean, honest, and good for the company. 

Companies consult verification agencies to verify candidate education credentials, experience, and other documents. Or using an in-house verification team. 

Address verification is done by visiting the site and conducting a verification in the neighborhood to gather all the necessary information. 

Physical address verification is a process in which an individual visits the given address of the candidate to verify all the details. 

Adhar card, Pan card, credit card statement, or any official government document that shows address. 

Address verification is an important part of the screening process during the hiring of the company. As the candidate will have information about the company while working, so it's important for businesses to avoid any problems or fraud. 

We have our team across India, that visits the candidate address given by the employer in any part of the country. Our employees consult the neighborhood to gather information. 

What will the address verification of the candidate will show?

Looking for background verification and screening services for employment? We at Zella have everything you need to provide you with accurate and useful information for the address verification process in India. With strong well-connected teams across the nation and experience in providing the right information, we offer it all. You can consult us to understand more details about our process and get an affordable package for your business. Get in touch with us Now!