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In the competitive world with limited jobs and many candidates, every business wants to ensure their employed professional is indeed well-qualified, experienced with suitable credentials and advanced skills. To find the right candidate among a list of applications, each and every aspect of the candidate is verified. This safeguards the organization’s crucial inside data and information; no company would like to hire candidates that are providing fake degrees or diplomas. But for organizations finding correct information will take up a lot of time. That’s why Zella is here to serve you the right, accurate, and comprehensive pre-employment screening of candidate education credentials.

Get started with full-proof education verification for employment. We make employee hiring seamless with verified credentials. Our team goes through each and every detail in-depth, conducts physical, and online background checks to ensure top-notch services. Make more data-driven and informed decisions concerning education verification. Reach any university to verify the claims of your candidate. With our dynamic team, we process the credentials through the student records department to conduct an accurate education verification background check

We ensure full-proof and accurate information on educational credential verification with key benefits:

Comprehensive and in-depth reports for better decisions

What’s a good report if it doesn’t have in-depth information? That’s why we at Zella offer you full-length, efficient, transparent comprehensive reports. We will ensure the high standards of education verification and take background checks on whether your candidate is exaggerating about their education background or if it is true. Our comprehensive report on education verification background check will help your HR to make the right decisions for the company. From duration of education to type of education, you will get each and every detail on the educational certificates provided by your candidate. 

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Zella Information Pvt Ltd is one of the fast and most reliable background checks company in India.
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  • Save time, effort & Money

Find the precise, accurate, and full-proof education verification for employment in a short time. Our services will reduce the time, effort, and money you put in by in-house credential verification. Our affordable services and top-notch quality will provide you with a better return on investment. All you need is just share your candidate’s education certificates and we will get back to you with factual and analytical information on educational certificates. 

  • Strong network across the nation

We at Zella have a strong network across the country to gather accurate information on education credentials. Our agents and in-house team are located in different parts of the country with connections to different universities and colleges. With our strong and reliable network, we cross-examine the information with the online database as well as physical verification.

  • Next level assurance in the quality of information

Zella’s Education verification background check is accurate and fully transparent without any biases. Our innovative and professional verification solutions are designed to support companies in hiring the best talents for their team. We provide ensured, highly transparent, full-proof, and right verification information with physical crossing check examinations. 

  • Access to technology and assets

Professional employment screening companies will have a well-thought-out plan to get the necessary resources and information. We know how to find the right solutions and answers for you. We do this by using the most efficient methodologies and the right tools. That makes the process easier and makes it easier for our clients to do background checks. All your company has to do to get a background check is chosen the right company to tell you what you need.

  • Trusted by many companies

We have been offering our transparent and quality verification solutions to many companies. Our comprehensive yet in-depth analysis of each educational certificate provided by the candidates has helped many companies to hire the honest and best talents. 

  • Well-experienced team of experts

We have a strong Well-experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable team that ensures each and every document is verified with the right process. Our team believes in providing accurate information without compromising and without any biases toward candidates.

How do we do it?

Our team of experts connects with our network of universities and colleges. Conduct an online check through the student database and physical verification, to make sure you get the accurate information. Our team will go through each and every education certificate to ensure there are no false reports. We will contact the given institute, university, college, or high school to check about the candidate's degree/diploma/ vocational certificates. After their confirmation, we will confirm the details of the degree for our comprehensive report on education verification.

Why your business should be using education verification for employment?

An education verification check will confirm the age, educational background, training, or any certification claims by your potential employee. It helps you identify any discrepancy, and verify the true identity of an individual. The education verification background check will confirm educational creditors from different universities, high schools, colleges, or any vocational institutions. This will help your business

  • To hire the best talent in your team 
  • Protect your organization from any theft or liability 
  • Comply with all the legal and government rules and regulations.
  • Mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong candidates. 
  • The authenticity of the person you are planning to hire 
  • Safeguard from fake degrees and diplomas. 
  • Helps you shortlist worthy candidates for hire. 
  • Test of candidate’s character. 

What does our education verification background check show?

With our education verification check, you will receive information through our verification process where our employees contact universities or colleges to verify the creditors and information such as 

  • Date of Attendance 
  • Date of completion 
  • Enrollment
  • Type of degree obtained
  • Age 
  • Name and other background details. 

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We have everything you need to ensure education verification and background check services for hiring the best talents in your organization. Hire our experts to get full-proof and full-length details on the education credentials of your candidates and take the right decisions for your company. You can also take combined services of education, address, and employment verification details of your candidates. Contact us now with the given information! 

Usually, the education verification of diplomas, degrees, or certificates takes place with In-house or physical inspection at the concerned institute. 

In the education verification process, the company will verify the type of degree/diploma/certificate, name of the individual, starting and end date of education, and general information about the candidate. 

In India, the experts from the company visit the concerned college, university, and high school to verify details in person.

Education verification of the candidate is a crucial part of the background check to ensure the integrity and verify the claims made by the candidate. 

Yes! Employers verify degrees, diplomas, or certificates to ensure they hire the best talent in their organization. 

They either consult verification agencies or conduct a background check including documents by themselves. This usually happens if they do not have a large number of candidates; otherwise, they consult verification experts.

We at Zella have an excellent team of experts handling in-house and physical verification of education credentials. We contact the concerned institution in person to thoroughly verify each detail. 

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