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Pre-employment screening is when a job candidate’s background check for employment is done. In addition, they are tested for drugs and legal complaints, and their behavior is evaluated. It is used as part of the hiring process to get rid of many unsuitable candidates without even having to do a traditional interview.

This makes the process of hiring easier and better at the same time. In addition, employers can use pre-employment background checks to find out if potential candidates can handle sensitive or private information when working with the company. They also help check if your prospective employees have the right skills for the job.

At Zella’s NewAge verifications, we work hard to help people and businesses reduce the risks that come with human capital. We are a top company for background checks for employment, and we are expanding our services for employee address verification and education verification. First, we make employment verification easy by checking the claims with the HR department of the last company of the candidate. Then, with the help of our pre-employment screening services and tools, we make it easier to figure out if a candidate has the right skills.

Why do you need employment screening by Zella?

Before going through a lengthy interview process, the main goal of pre-employment screening is to get relevant information. This is an excellent way to eliminate candidates who aren’t qualified and move forward with the ones who are. Our pre employment checks can help your business in a lot of ways.

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  • Improved quality of hiring

When you use a full background check program, you’ll first notice that the quality of hires in your staffing operations will be much better. This is because almost every company has trouble finding good employees; a big part of that problem is that they don’t have enough reliable information about candidates.

  • Better results

The best possible pre-employment background check should be the one you use to decide whether or not to hire someone. That means it has to answer the questions you’ve asked, and the answers have to be as accurate as possible. If you want to be fair to candidates and protect your company’s interests, you should only make hiring decisions based on an honest evaluation of accurate information.

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  • Better compliance with rules

Zella’s employment screening services come with in-house compliance experts. They can assist in developing an effective screening solution to help your company. These solutions not only keep the industry standards in mind but also law and regulatory requirements. Without this kind of background check program, your company could get fined and have legal problems over and over again.

  • Access to technology and assets

Professional employment screening companies will have a well-thought-out plan to get the necessary resources and information. We know how to find the right solutions and answers for you. We do this by using the most efficient methodologies and the right tools. That makes the process easier and makes it easier for our clients to do background checks. All your company has to do to get a background check is choose the right company to tell you what you need.

  • Enhanced security and protection

Background checks for employment help reduce the risk of workplace violence in the future by weeding out applicants who might be dangerous to the workplace. In addition, a thorough screening will go over what happened in the past. This could give important information about behavior patterns that could be a problem in the future.

  • Reduce Negligent Hiring Risks

When you hire people without being careful, you take a big risk, and your company is often directly responsible for what they do. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common for a company to hire someone without checking their background first and then be held responsible for it. When things happen that a company could have stopped if they knew about an employee’s past, lawsuits are filed, and the company’s reputation often takes a big hit because of it.

With Zella's experience and know-how, you can get the best services in the industry!

In our process of pre-employment checks, we look at everything, like the job title, length of time, behavior, salary, any wrong information, etc. Even though we are a new player in the market, we have already worked with leading schools, manufacturing, corporate, BPO, and a lot of other sectors. Companies and clients are putting employment screening at the top of their list of must-haves. It is a foolproof way to deal with fake assets and scams. The employer needs to know they can count on the right person, so we do the hard work for them.

What do we offer?

Zella’s goal is to build trust through data and help people make the right choices with quick, accurate, and reliable background checks. Based on the asset pre employment background check and verification parameters, we help you make better decisions. In addition, we do important investigations for both national and international clients that lead to better results.

  • Online BGV platform that is safe and up-to-date
  • Correct and precise findings
  • Keep people’s secrecy and privacy
  • Team with experience and expertise
  • A remarkable Backend Service team
  • Fair prices
  • Checking for credibility and integrity with a set turnaround time
  • Verification based on research and technology
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What employment screening methods do we employ, and how do we do it?

Proof of Employment

An employer gives a letter called a "PoE" (Proof of Employment) to a current or former employee to show that they are or were an employee.


Paychecks are often used to prove that someone has a job. It shows how much money a worker has made from the company in the past. When a person applies for a loan, mortgage, or credit card, they need this information. In some places, it is against the rules to tell a customer how much money they make.

Contracts & Agreements

These papers help show that an employee works for a company, but most contracts and agreements only show that the employee accepted a job offer. Hence you need the best employment screening services to verify it.


Getting in touch with the person's references is another way to ensure they had a job. A reference can help show what the employee's roles and responsibilities are in the organization as a whole. In addition, the reference, which is usually a manager, can help verify if the person has ever worked for the company.

Join hands with Zella and experience a high-end job screening process at its best!

Background checks on potential hires will cut down on unwanted turnover by a lot. Before making a job offer, the more you know about a new hire, the less likely you are to make a bad choice.

In the business world of today, screening applicants’ backgrounds have become the norm. Almost every company does some kind of background check as part of the hiring process. At that point, you need us. We are the ones who employ the best tools and technology. Our well-thought-out pre-employment background check program will almost cut down on your cost-per-hire by giving you results that work and can be measured.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and experience the best background verification services in the current market.

Pre-employment screening is when a job candidate's background check for employment is done. It is used as part of the hiring process to get rid of many unsuitable candidates without even having to do a traditional interview. This makes the process of hiring easier and better at the same time.

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In pre-employment screening, candidates are tested for drugs and legal complaints, and their behavior is evaluated. Pre-employment screening can also include looking at references, academic records, and employment history. 

Usually, it should take between two and five business days to do a background check. Still, everyone's past is different, and some things can make this time frame longer. For instance, if someone has recently moved and didn't update their records, it can delay the report.

 References are important to different employers in different ways, but most employers will contact references to see what they have to say about a possible candidate. Most of the time, they check references that are 5 to 7 years old.

Yes. It is a way that helps HR check a candidate’s references and seek verification on whether or not they have worked for the company.

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